Viagra Makes Me Last Longer: 

Or Does It?

Viagra. The wonderful little blue pill that has given millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction everywhere by their sex lives, and consequently, has helped those millions of men’s partners as well! For men with the problem of not being able to get and/or sustain an erection, scientists have made fabulous advances and put it in pill form, named it Viagra and sent it out into the world via catchy television commercial jingles and talk shows all over the world. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation feel and are taking Viagra claim to be able to last longer in bed and swear that this miracle drug has finally allowed them to the sexual endurance needed to bring their partner to orgasm as well. Men everywhere believe that that Viagra makes them last longer- but does it really?

Viagra was introduced to the population as a wonder drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction due to several different causes, mainly due to the use of prescribed blood pressure medication. Because the medication was used to regulate blood flow throughout the body, men were finding that their penises were not getting the proper amount of blood they needed to get or maintain an erection. Viagra was developed in order to relax the smooth muscle of the penis to allow for the proper amount of blood to flow in order for a penis to become and stay erect. Because Viagra directly inhibits an enzyme called PDE% which is produced in the penis during sexual intercourse making erections last longer. In fact, while using Viagra, a penis can continue to have an erection even after orgasm has been achieved

So, does Viagra really make men last longer? Is it really preventing premature ejaculation?  Yes and no. Yes the pill does make it possible for men who weren't able to get an erection to do so, but for the men who were able to get an erection but suffered from premature ejaculation, does it make them last longer? Typically if you are a male who has the capacity to get and sustain an erection naturally without use of medication, Viagra can help you sustain an erection longer, but it won't keep you from ejaculating at the normal rate of time you do on a usual basis. Remember, the drug was designed for the use of men who can't develop an erection on their own, sometimes those men even while on the drug may not be able to come to a full climax. For those who are looking to enhance their endurance by way of controlling their ejaculation, the use of Viagra on it's own may not be exactly the cure you're looking for.

Again, while Viagra was patented to help men with erectile dysfunction get and maintain an erection, it does have some benefits for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation in that the drug gives the patient the ability to maintain an erection even after ejaculation. But for those men looking to use Viagra as a way to control when they ejaculate, they may be disappointed to learn that Viagra on it's own may not be able to help in that area. For those men who think that Viagra may help them last longer, the question of “Does it really?” can be answered with a resounding YES...if they are thinking of terms of erection only, not about ejaculation.

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