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If you occasionally ejaculate sooner than you'd like, then this information can open up a whole new world for you.

You'll be amazed to discover that the power of unlimited sexual stamina is now within reach.

After helping countless men in my medical practice, many of whom had wasted money on “lotions and potions,” I discovered a simple, yet proven method, that gives men the confidence they were lacking for so long.

The number of men that struggle from premature ejaculation, also known as P.E., is much higher than you might think.P.E. can be broken into two categories. between the ages of 18 and 30.


Premature Ejaculation-

3 Possible Causes

Premature Ejaculation can have a profound effect on the quality of your relationship and there are a number of causes for it. These causes usually fall into three general categories and can then be narrowed down to a list of more specific causes for premature ejaculation. These three main categories are:

•    Psychological - This includes anything that may be related to stress or to anxiety. It does not have to be any particular type of anxiety. This means it can be everything from regular or increased anxiety. It can also be from performance related anxiety. It can also be related to simple anxiety over a particular partner. Emotions such as guilt can also have be an underlying case of Premature Ejaculation. Depression can also cause premature ejaculation to occur in some individuals.

•    Behavioral issues can also cause premature ejaculation to occur. These are things such as conditioned responses or it could even be caused by a lack of sexual experience. Either of these can be a cause for premature ejaculation and there may even be other issues such as becoming over stimulated quickly. Conditioned responses are usually the result of masturbation or repeat situations, which emphasized speed. As a result the body becomes conditioned for a fast response, which can least to premature ejaculation.

•    Physiological issues that can cause premature ejaculation can be everything from diabetes and hypertension to the use of alcohol, tobacco, or from the use of antidepressants, diuretics, beta-blockers and anti psychotics. Other physical causes can include multiple sclerosis or a spinal injury. There are other things such as inflammation of the prostate, which can also result in premature ejaculation. In addition there can be a lower level of serotonin in the brain than is normal. As a result, premature ejaculation can occur.

All of these are possible causes for the condition of premature ejaculation. For the most part however, many people believed that either psychological or behavioral considerations win out over physical when it comes to the primary causes of premature ejaculation. This is because premature ejaculation can actually simply be related to a lack of proper timing between couples.

This is why it is important to keep in mind that it may be something as simple as a lack of experience or the feeling of guilt that is sometimes associated with that. It can also be something that comes simply from the type of medications you are taking. This is why it is important to check with a doctor if you think that you may be experiencing premature ejaculation and speak with your partner.

Open communication could be all that is necessary to relieve the psychological causes that have been associated with this condition. It could also be a sign of an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension. These are easily controlled with today's medical technology and can get you back to enjoying or even get you started on the road to enjoying your relationship with your partner and help relieve the emotional turmoil that such a condition can cause.

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